"Take off your socks." JC said. "You have to take off your socks before you take off your pants, shirt, belt, anything else. You have to take off your socks."

That is the only piece of lady-killing advice I ever got from JC. I am sure that he had more, but I couldn't even immediately digest this one.

"If you take off your pants but not your socks you will look like an idiot. You will look like someone's creepy father." he said. "Pants with no socks is sexy. Socks with no pants...." He let that last statement linger.

8 years later, I still have to remind myself to do it properly. Even though it makes perfect sense, I just never thought of it before. I don't think I am the only person who has never thoguht of this. Most men I discuss this issue with also have never thought of it.

Most women seem repulsed by the idea of a man in underwear and socks but I think very few of them would ever tell a man not to take off his pants first.

I am sure JC had other things to say. He had probably thought of many details that elude people like me. Unfortunately, we'll never get to ask him.

Thanks JC.

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