This site is dedicated to the memory of my friend GianCarlo.

JC (an Americanization of a name that sounded like John Carlo) was not born wealthy, priveledged, or even fantastic looking, but he was the most successful ladies' man that I have ever known. JC loved women and they all loved him back. Amazingly, even the ones he no longer saw, still thought of JC favorably. His life seemed absent of jilted lovers, bad breakups and drama. Instead, he had a special talent that somehow managed to remove any woman's resistance to loving him.

Now that I have a small child I understand more about how women can love someone. Let's use babies as an example. A baby does not do anything for a woman. It does not show might, act powerful, or try to impress with its intellect. Some babies do nothing but cry. But babies know how to be loved and women love them.

That is what my friend JC was like. He was put on the earth to be loved and everyone seemed to do it.

Unfortunately, JC didn't stay with us forever. In 2003 he was killed in a motorcycle accident in the Italian Alps. I never got to attend his funeral. It was held in Spain and I didn't have contact with his family, so I never learned anything of the arrangements. His friends in the states talked about having something in his honor, but other than a few mentions of his name while drinking, nothing has happened.

Only once did I ask JC to give me advice with women and he did. It was a strange experience. Suddenly, what had been a casual conversation transformed into a consultation with a buddhist master. I have never forgotten the conversation.

Me: "GianCarlo, what is the deal? Every woman that you meet ends up sleeping with you. How do you do it?"

Click here here to see what he said.

In memory of JC.

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